Are you leaving the house?

Take care of your hygiene and protect your health

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our cleaning routines have become extensive both inside and outside the home. We could say that hygiene is life insurance and, along with the mask and social distancing, the best way to prevent infection. To safeguard you and your loved ones’ health, don’t neglect your protection by all the means within your reach.

Never leave the house without a mask. Choose the disposable surgical ones with three layers of protection. Opt for wearing your hair up and do not wear earrings, bracelets, or rings.

The essential element in your bag will be a spare mask in order to replace the one you are wearing in case it becomes necessary.

Use the stairs as often as you can. The elevator is a small and enclosed space in which many people travel. This is why it poses a high risk of virus transmission. At home, at work, or anywhere you go, it is safer to go up and down on foot.

At the office or at your workplace, wash your hands with soap and water or use an antibacterial gel as often as possible. Frequently disinfect your workspace and the supplies you use.

Gatherings. If you need to organize any type of meeting, be it for social or work reasons, look for open air options and in a space that meets all the biosecurity measures. Have antibacterial gel and antibacterial wipes on hand to keep up your personal cleanliness in case of any unexpected event.

Keep your distance and avoid shaking hands with others. Use other germ-free ways of greeting other according to the situation.

If you are shopping, it is better to use a card, mobile applications or bank transfers. If you must use cash, apply antibacterial gel or spray on your hands after having touched the money.

When arriving at home follow a strict protocol:

  • Leave your shoes at the entrance or in a designated zone. Clean them and put on different footwear.
  • Place your bag, purse, keys, etc., in a box.
  • Clean your cell phone and glasses with soap and water or with alcohol.
  • Try to avoid touching anything until you have washed your hands.
  • Take off your outer clothing and put it in a plastic bag until you can wash it.
  • Disinfect the surface of every item you brought home.
  • Bathe. If you cannot, wash all exposed parts of your body.