7 Tips to Care for the Hygiene of the Littlest Ones at Home

To protect your children from bacteria and germs and to prevent sickness, it is essential to take extreme care in personal cleanliness. The best thing to achieve this is showing them that having good hygiene habits is nice and not an obligation one has to fulfill. As adults, we need to help children live in an environment with adequate hygienic conditions, not just at home, but everywhere activities are done. Check out 7 tips that may be very helpful for you and your kids:

  1. Teach your children to develop the habit of washing their hands through your own example and explain the importance of doing this frequently to keep bacteria and germs at bay. Find a fun and enjoyable way to do it, for example, while singing a song. Try out some melodies they like and tell them that the handwashing lasts until the song is over, so it needs to last at least 20 seconds.
  2. Children’s curiosity is unlimited and that is why they touch everything they can reach, which means that their handwashing needs to be more frequent than that of an adult, in other words, between 10 and 15 times a day. Since continual washing and using gels and alcohol can dry out or irritate the skin of the littlest ones, you must be careful to maintain hydration and moisturization. Products that contain glycerin and natural extracts, such as aloe vera and calendula, are most recommended to not neglect this detail.
  3. You can create a list with the handwashing routine (before eating, after coughing and blowing one’s nose, after going to the bathroom, etc.) on a poster. Ask your children to color and decorate it. Then you can put it up somewhere visible in your house.
  4. Keeping fingernails very short and clean guarantees health. Bacteria and viruses from surfaces children touch frequently accumulate under nails. Because of this, when hands are washed, teach them to also clean under their nails with a small brush.
  5. If children have been with their pets, touching them or carrying them, they must wash their hands well after spending time with them.
  6. When outside of the house, at daycare or at a playground, make sure your children aren’t sharing cups or plates with other children and always have the wet wipes available to clean their hands or any part of their body that needs it.
  7. The smallest ones like to play or be in contact with dirt or sand, so after doing this, there must be a thorough handwashing, either with soap or antibacterial gel or wipes, if you are away from home.

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